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“I also thank Angelina for dressing in hijab while she visited not just Iraqi refugees but refugees in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Not only did she look good in it, she showed respect and appreciation for their culture and religion and made sure that the focus was not on her looks but rather her mission.”

This photo carries so much emotion

I love her I have no words

Knowing tumblr im just surprised no ones called this cultural appropriation because shes white

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Commission for .

They are holding an a gift exchange event themed around foxes.

image Credit for the banner goes to loafdog.

Please visit this post for more information!


Here are some of the gifts pictured above:

Fox brooch - TheTwentyFingers @ Etsy

Fox panties - Knickerocker @ Etsy

Fox ears - WingsofAzuraShop @ Etsy

Fox shoes - EmAndSprout @ Etsy

Fox tailplug - CrystalDelights





It’s a gift exchange for littles but the theme for gifts are foxes! Basically you get to choose your own partner or are assigned to a partner where you buy or make a fox-related gift for them and send it to them. :)





This is potentially life saving information everyone should know.

No you guys this post helped me find my cat. He was missing for almost a month and I’ve had him for over 12 years. After seeing this I put his favorite blanket he always slept on outside hoping he would smell mine or his scent and he was back the next fucking day asleep on it.

When my cat got out, we called and called for him, and then, later that night, I remembered similar advice to this, and so put his little scratching pad, which he adores, on the front porch. Not even half an hour later, I heard a thump, opened the door, and there was his big butt, meowing at me.

Important and vital




Tumblr: spreading the world apart, one group at a time.

For the record, I can read the Japanese text on the comments and yes, the translations are accurate.

As far as Cultural Appropriation goes, go fuck yourself. As long as you’re not wearing the bindi/turban/saree/whateverfucktraditionaldress you may find to disgrace it, it’s okay. You should be able to wear whatever you want. It’s really a way to appreciate the culture.

It’s not cultural appropriation. It’s cultural appreciation. My bf has taught himself both Spanish and Japanese. (He’s Irish/German.) People from both cultures have shown him nothing but surprise and happiness that he can talk to them in their native language. He works in retail, and it makes his customers feel more comfortable and respected when someone works hard to learn their language, customs, and cultures.

This is my new favorite post






bisexual people aren’t more likely to cheat in relationships but we are more likely to cheat at cards, while lesbians are most likely to cheat at jenga, and genderqueer people often cheat at mario kart

how the fuck do you cheat at jenga

ask a lesbian


this is never not funny

Accurate. I would punch the controller out of my cousins’ hands when we played Mario Kart. Especially if I was losing.

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tumblr we are not fucking doing this right now take a day off

if you think you are a good person for shitting on people who are grieving the death of someone they looked up to then you are very mistaken and an asshole

Okay so flame away, but this is an example of racism against white people.
"White people" are sad because "a white dude" died
"Black people and white people" are sad because "a dude" died
 SOME PEOPLE (READ: BLACKTAVISTS) need to pull their heads outta their asses and realize, hey, these people aren’t their ancestors, and probably don’t think about me like I’m thinking about white people. Because y’know why? I didn’t pick my race. And you know what? Neither did you. Or Robin Williams.
So gtfo. I’m tired of being shamed for being white.

cuteandcuddlycaregiver asked:

Hi there! Thanks for following my blog :3 How are you today? Tell me about yourself ^_^

Hey, sorry, my message box doesn’t tell me when I get messages? (fuckin’ weird)
And I’m doing pretty good!

  • I’m 5’4”, have been for about 5 years now
  • Have a C/D bra size
  • My favorite color is any light shade of green (not neon, ew XD)
  • I have the bestest master and boyfriend in the world
  • He’s over at Dragons and Doms
  • I have lived in 4 states, 2 countries, never gone to the same school for more than 2 years
    Aaaaand that’s it?

lol if you want to know more just send me an ask!

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