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Anonymous asked:

You are a horrible human being. You are the fakest bitch I hope that you suffer as much as you make other people suffer.


Thank you Anon. I try so very hard to make sure the whole of humanity suffers like I do. I am such a tortured soul, after all!

I’m glad someone finally sees me for the piece of shit I truly am! I have been waiting so very long for someone to call me out, and at last my prince (or perhaps princess~?) has come!

Next time though, maybe you should grow a pair and tell me these things off of anon.

How are you try to upset me on this holiday of thankfulness with your horrible and disgusting words?

Have a nice holiday, and despite this, I do hope it’s a good one.

Sad part is, anon, I (and she) probably know who you are. Like really do you think you’re even remotely being anonymous here? Wow, talk about you being the fake one. Sachi is one of the best people I know. She’s kind, caring, funny, and an inspirational cosplayer. If you want to see a bitch just look in the mirror, whore.


I’ve seen many Disney crossovers before and especially "The Big Four". Today I’ve seen the weirdest thing ever. In the official leaflet for Disney’s Frozen Snow and Ice Sculptures festival, I noticed that Merida and Hiccup (from How to Train Your Dragon) were put together as a couple along with all the other Disney princesses & princes. It got even weirder when I was at the Ice Sculpture Festival and saw that there was a sculpture of Merida and Hiccup together. I found this very odd. Besides all the madness, Merida didn’t have her bow with her, but an axe. They basically turned Merida into a viking.

Why would they do this?

Update: added 2 more photos of the  360° view

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